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OT Parkinson's Network

The Occupational Therapists Parkinson's Network is a Peer-2-Peer clinical educational group with a special interest in Parkinson's, and related disorders.

We are based around the UK but welcome all OTs interested in working with people living with Parkinson's.

The OTPN has over 100 members in total.

Virtual Gatherings

The next OTPN second Monday of the month meeting will be on

MONDAY September 9th 2024

starting at 19:45 London [7.45pm] until about 9 pm

Our next OTPN meetings will be on:

Oct 14th, 2024 19:45
Nov 11th, 2024 19:45
Dec 9th, 2024 19:45

Join us then with your questions about Parkinson's and OT.

All members are invited to our regular monthly meetings.
These are general meetings for CPD.
Sometimes there will be a presentation on a specific topic followed by discussion.

Parkinson's CPD
This is an opportunity to tap in to the clinical experience of other OTs.
We are keen to support members providing local OT services for people with Parkinson's and related conditions.
We provide an oppourtunity to link with other OTs online or locally.
We provide resources here including recordings and we want to hear requests from you on any topics you would like us to discuss.
  • 19:45 - At least 15 minutes at the start for informal networking, questions and discussion. (This section is not recorded)
  • 20:00 - Up to 60 minutes of a live or pre-recorded formal presentation on a topic.
  • Followed by comments, questions and discussion about OT management approaches used by OTs to address the month's topic.
  • The duration of discussion each month will vary, there is always an opportunity in the last minutes for final questions.

The formal presentation sections of meetings are recorded and shared with the group.
Participation by members can be removed upon request.


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