We are a Social Enterprise that is passionate about harnessing the positive power of the internet to share, inform, and connect - to support well-being.

  • We blend occupational therapy (OT) talents and Information Technology (IT) skills to produce our own health education resources.
    Map of Parkinson’s

Map of Parkinson's App

A user-friendly app about Parkinson’s and around 50 symptoms commonly linked with the condition.

Map of Parkinson's Pro Course

An innovative, self-study, information and resource course, for Allied Health Professionals and others working with People who have Parkinson’s.

  • We manage and support communities online on many platforms to connect with individuals and groups.
    OT Parkinson’s Network

    OT Parkinson's Network

    The Occupational Therapists Parkinson's Network is a Peer-2-Peer clinical educational group with a special interest in Parkinson's, and related disorders.

  • Our current focus is on offering:
    • “a range of ways” to learn about Parkinson's and
    • ways to cope with its’ effects.

  • We provide a place online where people can find resources, communities and support.


Ana Aragon

1960 - 2023

It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden and unexpected death of Ana Aragon (N.D. Aragon)

She will be greatly missed. The cause of death was undiagnosed, asymptomatic heart failure.
Ana died peacefully in her sleep on 9th August 2023.


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